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      A wet and mild Thanksgiving Day is going to give way to significantly colder weather along with what could be some slippery roads Friday.

      Temperatures Thanksgiving Day shot up into the upper-50's for a few places with everyone across our viewing area seeing some rainfall. This will all change as a strong cold front rolls through. As of mid-evening Thursday night temperatures across the state ranged from the mid-20's (behind cold front) over the Western U.P. to near 60F at Flint (ahead of cold front).

      For Friday, we could see some slippery roads. Temperatures will drop off overnight with the passage of that cold front leading to some black ice in places Friday morning (especially north). Rain will make a switch to snow but the colder air will be chasing the rain out of the area so not a whole lot of accumulation is expected. It will be a lot colder Friday with daytime highs in the Eastern U.P. in the upper-20's to 30's across Northern Lower Michigan.

      Dry weather for the weekend with lots of sunshine and temperatures both days mainly between 35-40F.

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