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      Wednesday has started off mild and foggy with several areas across northern Michigan waking up to dense fog. Fog will lift later this morning as the sun continues to rise leading to another sunny day. More clouds will be in the sky however as moisture returns to the area. This will help lead to some thunderstorms developing this afternoon and evening.

      Temperatures today will be slightly cooler thanks to a weak cold front that passed through last night. Temperatures will range from the upper 60s to low 80s. Winds will be out of the north for a good portion of the day keeping areas along the lakeshore a bit cooler. Inland areas are where the warmest temperatures will be and will also be the most likely area for a few afternoon and evening thunderstorms to develop (areas around M-55). Not everyone will see rain/storms today. As warmer and more moisture moves in this evening it will bring more showers and storms into northern Michigan that will lift north through the night.

      Thursday will be warm as well with temperatures back into the 80s for many. We will continue to have warm weather all the way through Memorial Day weekend with scattered thunderstorm chances. Keep an eye on the weather if you have outdoor plans!

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