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      Warm days this week...but not as hot as last week when we got advisories. You'll feel the humidity, but all in all a comfortable summer week.

      Tonight will be partly cloudy with lows in the 60s. A stray shower may pop up, but the coverage area will be small. Light wind.

      Wednesday's high temperatures will be mostly in the 80s. Along the shore of the Great Lakes your high will stay in the upper 70s. Wednesday afternoon the chance of rain in the Lower Peninsula rises...and the chance rises a little higher Wednesday night. Still...not everyone gets rain, but where it does rain you may also get thunder and lightning.

      Thursday again there will be a few widely scattered showers and thunderstorms in the Lower Peninsula...and again, like Wednesday, most of us in northern Michigan will not get rain. The U.P. will be sunny. Daytime highs will climb into the 75 to 85 degree range.

      Friday will look like Thursday...chance for rain and thunderstorms in the Lower Peninsula. Highs mostly between 75 and 85.

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