Cadillac educators train in new security measures ahead of new school year

Educators with the Cadillac Area Public Schools trained on new school security ahead of the new school year.

WEXFORD COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Preparing to do all that they can to protect the children in their care.

That is what teachers with Cadillac Area Public Schools learned during a training Tuesday, just days before the start of class.

During the training, educators filled the high school auditorium and learned a wide range of security methods like what to do in active shooter or intruder situations, how to react and how to identify suspicious behavior.

“I don’t want to create paranoia but I want them to have a response plan because if we don’t there’s this hesitation, it might only be 15-20 seconds and there is a lot of victims in that," said Tom Mynsberge with Critical Incident Management.

“Unfortunately in this day and age we have to worry about practicing security measures and things to make sure our students are safe on a daily basis it’s so important it’s to help keep me calm if we ever get in a situation like that and I’ll know what to do to keep those kids safe," said Deb Rensberry, a third grade teacher at Franklin Elementary.

Recently, voters passed a bond that would pay for more than $65 million in renovations and upgrades over the next 25 years.

Part of that includes security updates and new entrances in all of the schools, some of which will be completed in the next two years.

“The new changes with the secure vestibules will allow them into the vestibule and into the office area rather than to students and staff," said Matt Brown, the Cadillac Area Public Schools Homeland Security Director.

During the training, the importance of good communication between staff and law enforcement was stressed.

“Its very important the schools have these safety measures in place you want to create these obstacles for someone who wants to come in and do something bad inside a school now is it going to prevent these things from happening, no, is it going to minimize that’s what were looking at you want to give law enforcement a chance to respond to the location and be able to get in there.”

“The more practice staff gets, the more prepared they become and the more prepared they become the better decisions they make.”

Students will be back in classrooms starting Tuesday, September 4.