Range of services growing for opioid addiction

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Help for Opioid Addiction{ }

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN,WGTU) - The primary focus of the non-profit Addiction Treatment Services is to treat people in the community who need help recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

With the current opioid crisis in the five-county region, says Kate Kerr, Director of Communications and Outreach, their range of services is growing.

"We are always full and you know we've always been full. Now the range of services that we offer," says Kerr, "has grown and of course as we're looking at the opiate crisis that's happening not just here but across the nation and that's changing the face of recover. It's also changing you know how we treat clients and also how many people are coming through our doors,"

Addiction Treatment Services is the largest center in the five-county region for drug and alcohol addiction but they treat addicts from all across the state.

They have been in the community for more than forty years.