Classroom Salute: Roscommon Area Public Schools

Classroom Salute: Roscommon Area Public Schools

ROSCOMMON COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Every teacher could use a little extra money for supplies.

We're continuing our partnership with Williams Chevrolet and Credit Union One to award $250 to a deserving classroom.

This month's Classroom Salute winner is Roscommon Area Public School Band teach, Mr. Kilbourn.

7&4's Joe Charlevoix paid a visit to Mr. Kilbourn's classroom to show us how he inspires students through his love of music.

Mr. Kilbourn is described as "inspiring," "devoted," "nurturing," "respected" and many other things by her peers, parents and students.

When you step into Mr. Seth Kilburn's band class, you feel like you're stepping into the tapestry of an artist.

"They really let me have free reign to do great things and I am very grateful for that," said Mr. Kilbourn.

As the sounds of various instruments belt out of the band room and down the hallway, inside the classroom, Mr. Kilbourn has been crafting the sounds of instruments into beautiful harmonies for over 20 years and the tools he uses to do that are his students who have high praise for him.

"We're creating something every day, it's different every day and even though I get to spend time with these kids, it's what we're creating that is different every day, you know that's really cool essentially from nothing," said Kilbourn.

The 7&4 newsroom received many nominations for Mr. Kilbourn and the common theme among them was not only he's a fantastic band teacher, but his understanding of his students and their needs.

Mr. Kilbourn's students range from 5th grade to high school.

Her is the teacher that is in early or there late or makes himself available to talk and listen, not just about sheet music and instruments but about life in general and, for middle and high schoolers that can encompass a lot.

"Even if it's something as little as getting my braces tightened, he knows my demeanor changes, I feel like he pays attention more, he understands."

"He's always there, I guess he's always willing to go the extra mile for you and he's going to meet you halfway and he's always there I guess for us, knowing everything that he has he's always open to them and he can just talk to any of us"

We are happy to present Mr. Kilbourn with $250 for his class and to spread the word about the great things happening in classrooms all across northern Michigan.