'The Pin Man': 91st Annual National Cherry Festival could be last year selling cherry pins

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- The National Cherry Festival is a tradition for many people, including one of the festival's most well-known volunteers, Peter Garthe.

Otherwise known as “The Pin Man,” Garthe has been selling cherry pins for 27 years and has been the top pin salesman for the last 25 years straight.

Garthe outsells every volunteer with an average of 8,000 pins sold.

According to Garthe, selling pins is a lot of work for him lately, so this could be his last year selling them.

“I love the cherry festival and I love meeting people," said Garthe. “Everybody knows me in the town. I’m a life time resident here in Traverse City.”

Next year, he might continue volunteering, but says it will be in a slower volunteer position, like the beer tent.