Cherryland Humane Society talks about adopting an animal as a holiday gift

Fern is up for adoption at the Cherryland Humane Society.

NORTHERN MICHIGAN (WPBN/WGTU) -- The Cherryland Humane Society said when it comes to getting pets for Christmas there are a lot of things to consider.

While wanting to adopt an animal in need and add to your family's happiness is an amazing thing that they encourage you to do, they want everyone to consider all the factors of getting a new pet.

The holidays a busy time of year for most. With parties to go to, family coming over and kids at home way more than they would be during school, it can be very stressful for people, let alone a pet in a brand new environment.

Dogs and cats need time to adjust to a new living situation and the holidays can make that very difficult. When considering adopting around this time, you really want to think about your schedule and how much time you would be able to devote to your new companion without holiday obligations.

Getting a pet as a gift for someone is very thoughtful, but not always the best option. Especially at CHS, all members of the household where the pet will be living need to interact with the animal before a decision is made by the adoption staff. It's important for them to see a bond that can grow between an animal and their new family before we send them to their forever home.

Our goal is always about the animals and if you are able to adopt we want you to do so, but think about everything and consider waiting until the holidays are over and your family has gotten back into it's normal routine.

They also brought in Fern who is up for adoption.

Fern is a boxer mix who they estimate to be about 4 years old. She was brought to the humane society from animal control so they don't have any information about her history.

Fern is an active girl with lots of spunk so she would do well with an active family. She loves fetch and will play until she zonks out!

She is working on her basic training and is doing well.

As with all of the humane society pets, they would have to work with any potential adopter that has other pets already in the household as part of the application process.