Cessation classes offer freedom from smoking

Smoking cessation classes through the Cowell Family Cancer Center is helping people ditch their nicotine addition through support and health resources.

Christina Seaberg smoked on and off most of her adult life but after a personal tragedy she turned to the habit more than ever.

"I find it calming for my nerves. Everybody has a vice I guess and my vice was smoking. It was like cigarettes controlled my life," says Seaberg.

Just a few months ago, she received life changing news that caused the addiction to take on a whole new meaning.

"I found out that I had lung cancer in August," says Seaberg.

The realization had Seaberg turning to the "Freedom from Smoking" program being offered at the Cowell Family Cancer Center in Traverse City. The program includes weekly classes through the American Lung Association for an eight week span or individual counseling sessions for those trying to quit smoking.

In October, Patty Moore, a nurse with the Cowell Family Cancer Center invited Seaberg to try one of the smoking cessation classes.

"I liked it. I liked the incentive ideas. Patty had speakers that helped to teach different relaxation techniques," says Seaberg.

"The smoking cessation is part of our lung cancer and lung screening program we do here but tobacco cessation is a new initiative," says Kendra Worden, nurse practitioner and coordinator for thoracic oncology and lung screening at the Cowell Family Cancer Center.

Worden says the program is not only cancer prevention but open to anyone who is thinking about quitting their smoking habit.

"Part of the class is thinking about things that trigger you, what are your triggers for smoking and how can you address those in your day to day life," says Worden.

"The class also helped me with support from the others. Most of the people in that class had support people. Try taking the class because it really does help and you have support there and different ideas to help you kick the habit," says Seaberg.

The Freedom from Smoking classes are considered a way to coach people to quit smoking through a support system. The classes are year round and open to any age group. The next session starts in January.

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