Dialysis treatment based on lifestyle

The Munson Dialysis Center in Traverse City provides different options for dialysis treatments.

At first glance you'd never think Harold Calton is on kidney dialysis.

"You just have to learn to live with it and go forward," says Calton.

He's been an avid tennis player for the past 34 years and also owns a hair salon in Manistee and he isn't about to slow down.

"I can work, I play tennis. I have a normal life," says Calton.

It's his positive attitude that has him seeing the silver lining.

"I have a disease called polycystic kidneys. It was inherited from my dad. When I got sick I didn't know there were all these options," says Calton.

Options that involve different types of kidney dialysis. For Calton he first tried hemodialysis at the Munson Dialysis Center in Traverse City where a few weeks later he switched to at home dialysis called peritoneal. For the past two year's now he's been able to dialyze in the comfort of his own home.

"The fluid is in two bags. It goes into your peritoneal and soaks up all the waste. Then it drains into a bathtub three or four times a night," says Calton.

Calton has a port that attaches to the portable at-home machine and does treatments five nights a week. It works with his active lifestyle but Munson dialysis social worker, Angela Leete says it's not for everyone.

"You have to be very independent, fit the medical criteria. If you do it at home, most dialyze while they sleep," says Leete.

Leete says whatever dialysis treatment works best for a patient comes down to overall health and attitude.

"We really encourage people to remain active and having a positive outlook will all help," says Leete.

"It's not for everybody but it's for me. It's more work but I don't mind work," says Calton.

Besides the Munson Dialysis Center in Traverse City there are other dialysis treatments available at Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital in Frankfort and also Kalkaska Memorial Health Center.

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