State of the art kidney dialysis center for Benzie County

The Elizabeth C. Hosick Dialysis Center in Frankfort

Brenda Stace comes to the Elizabeth C. Hosick Dialysis Center at Paul Memorial Oliver Hospital in Frankfort three times a week. Stace's treatments last up to three and half hours per visit.

"I'm a diabetic, it's ruined my kidneys. People need to learn good diets and exercise because that's the saving grace," says Stace.

Part of her saving grace is the new state of the art facility with ten treatment stations. The picturesque facility overlooking Lake Michigan opened in November as part of the Munson dialysis services.

It's an expansion from the former dialysis center at Paul Oliver.

"It's life saving very much so. It's not easy for everyone to be hooked up to a machine but I don't look at it that way," says Stace.

Stace comes for dialysis since her diabetes has taken a tremendous toll on her body.

"I never dreamed it would affect so many organs in my body. It's affected my eyes, kidneys, heart, a lot of things," says Stace.

"We're filtering their blood, removing toxins and then giving them medications the kidneys would normally produce. Nationally, kidney disease is on the rise. The primary reason is hypertension and diabetes," says director of Munson dialysis services, Georgia Wilson.

The facility provides close to home treatment for people in Benzie County.

"We are so very fortunate the community raised and donated a large sum of money so we could offer the services here. So, we're very proud of that," says Wilson.

The Elizabeth C. Hosick Dialysis Center is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They're planning a grand opening in the spring.

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