Step by step with physical therapy

Step by step with physical therapy

Maddy Spoor is an outgoing eight year old with a contagious energy for life.

"She's in gymnastics, basketball so she's pretty active," says Carrie Spoor, Maddy's mom.

Maddy was born with clubbed feet but she never lets that get in the way of her active lifestyle. About a month ago though she started having some foot pain.

"She has plantar fasciitis so they want to do therapy on her feet. They think it's because of her clubbed feet, the way she positions them or holding them a certain way when she's doing a physical activity," says Spoor.

For two days a week for 45 minutes Maddy comes to Munson Healthcare Cadillac Rehab for her physical therapy. Her mom says it's a way to hopefully avoid surgery.

"It's nice she can come only a half hour away and get services so we don't have to drive so far away," says Spoor.

"I see patients form young kids to people in their 90s," says physical therapist, Amy Bourne.

Bourne works directly with Maddy to help heal her plantar fasciitis.

"Plantar fasciitis is actually a tightening of the connective tissue in the foot which is a tissue on the bottom of the foot. It can be very painful," says Bourne.

Bourne has Maddy do specific exercises and even games to help strengthen her feet and ankles.

"Maddy has very hyper-mobile feet so the joints move extra, which is putting pressure where she's getting pain. It's challenging because getting knots out of muscles hurts," say Bourne.

"They work with the kids really well. They show parents what do at home to help out the kids," says Spoor.

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