The future of outpatient care

The future of outpatient care

At Kalkaska Memorial Hospital there's a growing demand for more and more outpatient procedures.

"We've been starting to do a lot more outpatient procedures with some basic procedures like knees and shoulders and some upper areas like carpal tunnel," says orthopedic surgeon, Scott Groseclose.

Dr. Groseclose has been doing orthopedic surgeries at Kalkaska Memorial for five years. This type of outpatient care is having direct impacts on patients and something Dr. Groseclose says is becoming the wave of the future.

"For hospitals to try and provide a gamut from ICU to full surgical to ER I think it's hard for smaller communities to maintain that. For a place like Kalkaska their niche is outpatient. I think that's the future of medicine as part of geography and staying home is more cost effective and good for the patient," says Groseclose.

Chris Woodman lives in Kalkaska and came to Dr. Groseclose when she started having problems with her hands and arms about a year ago.

"I had symptoms all last year in both hands and they'd go to sleep and like pins and needles. You couldn't even shake it out. It progressively got worse," says Woodman.

Woodman ended up having outpatient carpal tunnel surgery at Kalkaska Memorial almost three months ago. She's able to see Dr. Groseclose for checkups and for her it's a close to home service.

"The convenience of having this size of a hospital in Kalkaska is wonderful. Being able to talk to him about it and getting to the answers you need is really important," says Woodman.

"One of the things as a physician you want to make a difference, provide services for people and I think it's important to bring something to a community with the experience and opportunity to do this surgery. It really benefits people in the area," says Groseclose.

For medical staff like Dr. Groseclose it's about continuing their outpatient care and looking ahead to the future.

"We want to continue to expand here, to fill surgical space, recruit more physicians. We also do have some in-patient beds here so we need to expand to some larger procedures on the horizon like knee replacement" says Groseclose.

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