Your Health Matters: Care close to home

Care close to home

Randy Ramsey loves life...he has an infectious laugh and also a serious passion.

"I started really early on and my passion goes way beyond," says Ramsey.

Ramsey restores classic cars out of his garage in Otsego County. It's this passion that started when he was about 10 years old. Now at 56 years old he's also focused on his health and a procedure he recently had done.

"I noticed my feet were getting wider, more sore, my toes were getting longer and starting to fold onto each other," says Ramsey.

His foot condition lead him to Kalkaska Memorial Health Center. His first visits were back in August and September.

"Randy saw one of our podiatrists and he was having a lot of foot problems, pain. He had all of his toes operated on. He had two different surgeries. One foot was done one day and one was done another day," says Wyman.

Wyman is the director of surgical services at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center. She says the surgical suite that's been opened for almost three years offers a wide range of close to home procedures.

"We do colonoscopies and everything from ear, nose and throat to gynecology to podiatry. All of our nurses are highly trained and skilled. It's very close to home. We know our community and our community knows us," says Wyman.

For people like Ramsey who might live an hour or more from a main hospital like Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, they can appreciate the local aspect that Kalkaska Memorial provides.

"Our surgeons are all from the Munson area so they provide the same quality of care and they're close to home," says Wyman.

"I have had two other friends who had surgery in the time I had surgery. They are amazed at my recovery. They are amazed by how the surgeon did my feet and I know good care," says Ramsey.