Your Health Matters: Inbody Body Composition Analyzer

Your Health Matters: Inbody Body Composition Analyzer

When it comes to losing weight, there's nothing more frustrating than stepping on the scale and seeing very little or no progress at all. Especially when you've been working so hard to meet your goals.

Now a new kind of scale at Munson Medical Center's Healthy Weight Center is changing the game when it comes to weight-loss, by taking a look at your progress on the inside.

“We like to think about it as a lifestyle change, not a diet,” said Ron Hessem, a Healthy Weight Center Coordinator.

Hessem says that's the mindset at the Healthy Weight Center where exercise specialists, dietitians, and behavioral health specialists work together with people to not only help them lose weight but also keep the weight off and stay healthy.

The program now includes a step up onto the Inbody Body Composition Analyzer.

It's a tool that not only tells you how much you weigh, but it also gives you a look at what's happening on the inside of your body.

“People are used to looking at the scale or the mirror to see if they’re losing weight or to judge their success when they’re in a program like ours," said Hessem. "What the Inbody can do is it takes a picture of the inside. What’s going on with your BMI, percent body fat, it also tells you where the muscle is at.”

It's a snapshot so clear that it can break down the analysis to each separate body part, helping users to focus on what still needs work. Rather than getting discouraged when the number on a regular scale doesn't meet expectation and can sometimes lead to giving up.

“They don’t understand why they’re doing all this and they’re not getting results," Hessem said. "It’s just happening on the inside. They’re building muscle mass, which muscle weighs more than fat. So they’re building the muscle mass and reducing the fat mass but on the scale, it may say the same thing but they just need to know that they are having success and it just takes time to see it on the outside when the real changes are taking place inside.”

Karl Gagnon started his weight-loss journey a few months ago.

“It’s been probably the best program that I’ve been in and I’ve been in a lot of them in my life up and down," Gagnon said. "But this is a good program.”

Gagnon coaches girls golf for Traverse City Area Public Schools.

He says for years it's been a struggle for him to stand for long periods of time during practices and tournaments.

“You know I see other coaches walking around the golf course with their kids and that was difficult for me," Gagnon said. "I couldn’t even do it. It was not a good situation.”

He says he wanted to get healthy for himself and the kids he coaches.

“I wanna spend more time walking with the kids instead of driving around in a cart where I can actually walk with them, be with them, look around see some different things,” Gagnon said.

He's now lost nearly 40 pounds!

“My clothes are getting bigger, it’s easier to bend over, I seem to have a whole lot more energy," Gagnon said.

He credits much of his success to the Inbody Body Composition Analyzer helping him to stay up to date with his body's progress.

“It answers a lot of questions because it tells you why your body is doing certain things. I can understand now why my right leg was weaker," Gagnon said. "You’re able than in your workout to work on the things that you need to a little more to get your body so that it’s balanced.”

Gagnon says he's anxious to see his progress be put to the test when next golf season begins.

Anyone who wants to can come in and use the Inbody Body Composition Analyzer at the Healthy Weight Center.

You don't have to be a member or in a program there.

A scan and a follow-up consultation typically costs $50.00 but now through March 23, you can get it for $25.00.

Contact Munson Medical Center's Healthy Weight Center by clicking here.