Wine makers hoping for smooth finish to strong growing season

Northern Michigan vineyards are looking surprisingly full for this time of year. In fact, they are developing two weeks ahead of schedule.

High temperatures and sun-filled days have set the stage for what wine makers are projecting to be a banner season.

â??It sets us up for being able to get all of our fruit ripe. Itâ??s going to make for some really nice red wines. Usually we are crunched up against the end of the picking season into the cold weather to get those where we want them, so we're looking forward to excellent reds and prefect quality in white wines,â?? said Doug Matthies, owner, Big Paw Vineyard Services.

On old mission peninsula, grapes already hang in clusters.

The owners of Chateau Chantal are reporting one of their warmest summers on record.

â??We are well ahead of our most recent warmest years on record, which were 2010 and 2007â?|we are way ahead of those in terms of ripening and we also have really had a great fruit set, so we do expect a great crop this year,â?? said Marie-Chantal Dalese.

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