Democrats working to churn up the blue wave in Michigan

Democrats working to churn up the blue wave in Michigan.

The 2018 midterm elections are historically challenging for the party of the sitting president, meaning Republicans across the country are gearing up for November as Democrats are trying to sweep their races across the country, in what’s known as the blue wave.

In Michigan, November could change the political landscape and that could change the legislature. Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon said the party needs to take nine seats in both the House and Senate to gain the majority; a task he believes is challenging, but doable.

“We’ve got candidates in areas that we haven’t necessarily in the past that are showing real signs of strength like Kent County, Kalamazoo is going to be a real battleground, and Oakland County,” Dillon said. “People are fed up.”

He said the phrase blue wave isn’t one they are using; instead the party is looking at this election as an opportunity to bring real change and to do that, Dillon said Democrats in Michigan need to put in the work.

“Knocking on doors, making phone calls, people doing work on Facebook and social media to share information about the candidates and of course raising money,” he said. “There is no wave without the work.”

The election season has already seen topics like health care and education rise to the top, especially for statewide seats. Dillon believes those issues are incredibly important to the whole state, but there’s an overarching problem.

“The umbrella issue is the fact that Republicans have been in control for too long,” Dillon said. “People are tired of the corruption.”

Beyond the general election in November, Michigan plays a larger role in the political narrative nationally, Dillon said.

He said, “You cannot win the presidency without Michigan anymore and Democrats know that.”

Republicans in Michigan control the House, Senate and the governor’s office, known as a state government trifecta; a position the state GOP has been in 13 different times since 1992.

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