Contestants on The Voice tied to northern Michigan

Harringtons in Traverse City was packed with dozens of people rooting for James McNeiece, who is a former employee.

A new season of The Voice premiered Monday on NBC, and more than ever people in northern Michigan had a reason to tune in.

Two singers from Traverse City made it through to the blind auditions on the show.

Harringtons in Traverse City was packed with dozens of people rooting for James McNeiece, who is a former employee.

They were also very excited to see Joshua Davis, another Traverse City resident, make it through the first round of the blind auditions.

â??We just think itâ??s so great to support him,â?? said friend Kelly Price.

It was an exciting night for the friends and family of James McNeiece. The former Traverse City resident beat out thousands of singers nationwide to make it on to The Voice.

â??I canâ??t wait, I canâ??t wait to him, Iâ??m just looking, looking, and looking, I canâ??t wait to see him,â?? said Price.

Jamesâ?? parents say he has always been a talented singer, but it wasn't until college that he realized he wanted to pursue it professionally.

â??He just turned to me and said â??dad I think I want to go into music,â?? and I said well, â??the only advice I can give you is you got to be where the music is, L.A., New York, Nashville, and youâ??re going to starve a little bit and youâ??re going to have to work hard but if you stick with it you should be able to make a living doing what you love to doâ??,â?? said Jamesâ?? Father, Jim McNeiece.

And James isnâ??t the only singer from northern Michigan. Joshua Davis also made it through and was featured on the first night of the blind auditions.

All four judges turned their chairs around, but ultimately Joshua chose to be on team Blake.

â??That goes to tell you that our community really supports and nurtures music and the arts and I think thatâ??s phenomenal, certainly a testimony to that,â?? said Jim McNeiece.

And no matter what happens in the blind auditions for James, his parents say it's already been such a positive experience.

â??Itâ??s just awesome and as it goes further along we can probably share more itâ??s just exciting to watch it with everyone and see what the results are,â?? said Terry McNeiece.

â??Itâ??s just a great experience obviously and we couldnâ??t be prouder of Traverse City and our boy and Joshua,â?? said Jim McNeiece.

James parents said there will be another viewing party next week to cheer him on at McGees on M-72.

You can watch The Voice on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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