Michigan-made film premieres in Manistee

A movie that was shot mainly in Manistee had its Michigan premiere Friday night at the Ramsdell Theatre.

A movie that was shot mainly in Manistee had its Michigan premiere Friday night at the Ramsdell Theatre.

The film, called "Do You Believe?" is a Christian film revolving around Easter.

The theatre was packed with about 500 people who came out to support the film. The director said it was important to have the premiere in Manistee because of how supportive the community was.

â??Because of the level of talent and the size of the cast and just how ambitious this small film is it was a pretty big movie at the same time and it's got big themes and it's got a lot of scope,â?? said director Jon Gunn.

The film was produced by Pure Flix and 10 West Studios, the storyline features 12 intersecting lives struggling with their faith.

And those involved in the project say they think it will be a huge success.

â??I think everybody no matter where you are in life whatever your walk is, I think you'll be able to identify was at least one of the characters,â?? said actor Liam Matthews. â??Their stories are so honest and so difficult that would be tough not to find a piece of yourself in one of them.â?? The movie is set in Chicago, but the majority of it was shot in Manistee, which created some challenges.

â??If you have spent a lot of time in Manistee you may notice that there are not a lot of buildings that are over two stories so it was actually quite an interesting challenge,â?? said Gunn. â??What was wonderful was the community opened up their homes and their businesses and the streets and we shut down their bridge for an entire week to shoot on the bridge and made this little town feel like a big city.â??

And actors say that being in a small town like Manistee was a nice change from Hollywood.

â??Doing it here in Manistee has been particularly rewarding,â?? said Matthews. â??The people here have been so gracious and have come out of the woodwork to help us produce this film.â??

All of the proceeds made from the film premiere Friday night will go towards Northern Pathways Equine Center in Manistee.

The movie will be will be released in select theaters March 20th.

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