Movie star crashes premiere at Vogue Theatre

Actor John C. Reilly made a guest appearance at the Vogue Theatre in Manistee for the opening night of "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"Small town, big opportunity." That's what movie-goer David Kamaloski at Manistee's Vogue Theatre had to say about Friday night's premier of â??Guardians of the Galaxy.â??

One of the stars of Marvel Studio's major motion picture made a guest appearance.

You may recognize John C. Reilly from movies like â??Step Brothers,â?? â??Talladega Nights,â?? or as a voice in â??Wreck-It Ralph.â?? Friday night, however, was all about his latest film.

People were anxious to get a good seat in the sold out theater.

â??He could have picked basically any other theater in the country to be at,â?? said Travis Alden, Vogue Theatre manager. â??He chose little Vogue Theatre in Manistee. So we're really happy with that.â??

So why did John C. Reilly choose that historic theater?

â??Because I happened to be in the neighborhood,â?? explained Reilly.

Reilly has a cottage in the area and has worked with the theater before.

The word that Reilly was in town for the movie officially got out Thursday, and there was a mad rush for ticket sales.

â??Obviously, I've heard good reviews, but what better way than to see it with one of the actors in the movie,â?? said Kamaloski. â??It's almost like a Hollywood premiere in a small town.â??

â??It's really cool because I love him,â?? said Devon Cortez, visiting Manistee. â??He's a really funny guy. I love the Saturday Night Live stuff, but probably Talladega nights or Stepbrothers.â??

The star had friends and family members in the crowd to watch the movie with him.

â??When you're dealing with him in a normal relationship, he's a normal guy,â?? said Kathy Phelps, a family friend of Reilly. â??For us, it's normal. For others, it's probably pretty exciting.â??

Reilly warned the audience that he doesn't has a very large role in the movie and that he hadn't seen it yet.

â??I'm going to see it for the first time right here today,â?? said Reilly. â??I was given a couple opportunities along the way, but I thought why not make it the first time there and Manistee.â??

The Vogue theatre is very thankful for Reillyâ??s participation.

â??For me, this is less about selling out in auditorium,â?? said Alden. â??For me, it's about giving visitors to the Vogue an experience they're not going to get anywhere else.â??

That's exactly what moviegoers got. After the movie, they were able to talk with the star during a question and answer session.

The Vogue Theatre fell on hard time in 1985 and closed down.

The restoration project started in 2011.

Reilly's band held a benefit concert last June to raise funds for the renovation.

â??Now he gets to come watch a movie. He's in the theater for the first time, in the theater with the best picture of northern Michigan,â?? said Alden.

The Vogue Theatre reopened this past December.

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