Wildfire in Emmet County spreads across several acres

Firefighters at the scene of the wildfire in Emmet County.

More than forty firefighters worked throughout Monday afternoon fighting a wild fire in Emmet County.

The fire started after 2 o'clock in the hills just above the intersection of Powers Road and Luce Street in Littlefield Township.

Officers from the Department of Natural Resources said the fire was started by someone attempting to do a controlled burn without permission. Wind then swept the fire up the hill, scorching several acres of forest along the way.

Fire departments from Alanson, Pellston and Resort Bear Creek Township all responded and coordinated with each other to contain the fire before houses or structures could be damaged.

"We had a lot of guys coming together and working to get this done in a very short amount of time," said Alanson Fire Department Assistant Chief Scott Granger. "Everybody did a really great job."

Two firefighters began suffering from exhaustion and had to pull back from fighting the flames.

By 6 o'clock, the fire had been almost completely put out and only a few units remained in the area to watch for hot spots.

The Department of Natural Resources has put out a no burn order for all of Northern Michigan due to extremely dry conditions.

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