Michiganders seek affordable EpiPens in Canada

Mylan announced last month that it would be releasing a generic version of the EpiPen that will have a listed price of $300 for a 2-pack.

SAULT STE. MARIE, ONTARIO (WPBN/WGTU) -- Millions of Americans across the country have been hit hard by the skyrocketing cost of epinephrine auto injectors, or as they're more commonly known, EpiPens.

EpiPens are a crucial medical device for anyone who suffers from severe allergies that can cause anaphylactic shock.

Fortunately, a growing number of people in Michigan are finding out that relief to this high priced problem can be found just across the border.

"It's ridiculous," said EpiPen customer Jennifer Wood. "Just last week I had to buy two sets of EpiPens and they were over $800 each."

When the Mylan Pharmaceutical Company purchased the product in 2007, a single EpiPen cost about $50.

Today, the company charges $600 and more for a 2-pack of the life saving device.

The price hikes have forced some to find an alternative way of purchasing EpiPens and they have found it by traveling across the International Bridge into Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

"If an American citizen does require that medication, we can offer it to them at the same cost we would offer it too any Ontario resident," said Canadian pharmacist Jordan Law.

Due to Canadian price regulations, a single EpiPen in Ontario costs about $88 American and less than $190 for a 2-pack.

In Canada, EpiPens can be bought over the counter with no prescription needed.

"We expect people to come and I think once word catches on that they can get it cheaper here they probably," said Law. "People just don't know that they have the ability to try other places."

It's a bold new strategy the even American doctors seem to agree with.

"Absolutely," said Dr. Timothy Linehan. "When it comes to spending $600 versus $87 you can't blame these people."

Since Canada gets their EpiPens from Mylan, American can make the trip knowing they'll get the exact same product that they would in the United States.

The company did announce last month that it would be releasing a generic version of the EpiPen that will have a listed price of $300 in the United States for a 2-pack.

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