2018 kicks off with icy road conditions in northern Michigan

"We saw a few people spin out as they were making a turn," said Lisa Lauet-Ritthaler of Traverse City.

LEELANAU COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- With all the snow dumped on northern Michigan, things have been pretty messy out for drivers.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office said they responded to 26 crashes and 37 calls of drivers stuck in the snow.

Some natives say the the icy roads are just part of living in northern Michigan.

"It's not bad," said John Dolton of Peninsula Township. "Snow packed, but not too bad."

"It's really not bad," said Mike Fowler of Traverse City. "Traverse city seems to be the worst that I found."

The locals said the trick is to be cautious. "Go slow and keep your lights on," said Dolton.

Fowler said he had just flown back from Florida and didn't realize how much snow had fallen.

"I got back at 11 a.m. [on Monday] and I've been out driving and it looks like they have had a hard time keeping up with all the snow."

Suttons Bay and Bellaire each got around a foot and a half of snow. Traverse City got more than a foot.

Though the drivers we spoke with said they were fine out on the roads they did say they saw others having some trouble.

"We saw a few people spin out as they were making a turn," said Lisa Lauer-Ritthaler of Traverse City.

"I just came out from Leelanau County and someone was stuck right on the intersection," said Fowler.

Making sure your car is winter ready can help prevent that from happening to you.

"Tires are very important," said Lauer-Ritthaler. "I learned that the hard way. You got to have those."

"I've got four-wheel drive with brand new snow tires so I'm set to go," said Fowler.

The drivers are reminding people to turn on your headlights even during the day because it's easier to see in whiteout conditions and blowing snow.

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