2019 state budget plan has funding for local road projects

2019 state budget plan has funding for local road projects

EMMET COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- In his proposed budget for the 2019 fiscal year, Governor Snyder has proposed putting an additional 175 million dollars toward improving Michigan's roads and infrastructure.

That increase would translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars for road commissions in northern Michigan.

Emmet County has been hit with heavy snow this winter, and already has repairs planned for next year.

With the additional funding, Emmet will get about $450,000 more.

“That’s huge, that will benefit our citizens for years to come,” said Brian Gutowski, the manager of the Emmet County Road Commission.

Emmet County is planning a lot of what's called chip seal work, which means resurfacing roads with a layer of asphalt, tar and stone chips.

“If you put the entire $450,000 into it, we’d be able to repair about another 22 miles," Gutowski said. "That’s a lot of road projects.”

The county might also buy some new trucks.

Charlevoix County will get an additional $336,000 from the budget.

“Maybe with some of this extra money we can get some of the crack sealing done that really needs to be done," said Patrick Harmon, the manager of the Charlevoix County Road Commission.

The crack sealing fills cracks with hot rubber, the black lines you see on the road.

Some other resurfacing projects can be more expensive than they sound.

One of Charlevoix County's most common is called a wedge and overlay.

“On a one mile section of road, you’re looking at $185,000 for that," Harmon said.

That's about two miles of road, if it uses the whole surplus.

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