A few light snow showers...stays cold this weekend


Cloudy much of the day. Light wind...5-15 mph. And a few light snow showers...little accumulation, if you see any snow at all. Highs in the Upper Peninsula will be 15-20 degrees. In the Lower Peninsula, the highs will be in the 18 to 30 degree range.

Tonight...a few more light snow showers...and more clouds. Lows 2-14 in the U.P...and 8-24 degrees in the Lower. Light wind.

Saturday will be partly sunny. The sun will be in and out of passing clouds. A few light snow showers are possible, but most of us do not see any snow at all. Wind will be from the east 5-15 mph. Highs 15 to 32 degrees around northern Michigan.

Saturday night...mostly cloudy, light wind. Lows 2 to 20 degrees.

Sunday will be another day when you get some sunshine in and out of passing clouds. Highs 20 to 30 degrees..

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