Actress sparks sexual assault awareness campaign on Twitter

Men and women across the globe are using social media to speak out against sexual abuse with the #MeToo movement.

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Men and women across the globe are using social media to speak out against sexual abuse.

The hashtag 'me too' was started by actress Alyssa Milano after news broke of decades worth of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein.

On Sunday Milano asked those who have been sexually assaulted to reply with 'me too' to highlight the problem.

Traverse City Women's Resource Center Advocacy Director Constance Babb said the hashtag can be a good thing because it shows victims they are not alone, but wants to make sure victims don't feel pressured to speak out unless they are ready.

"If you feel confident and you want to do it, do it," said Babb. "If you don't, don't do it."

Babb has helped countless people deal with the pain and struggles that comes with being sexually assaulted.

"Nothing anyone does or can do will result in someone assaulting you," said Babb. "That's the other person choice."

Babb said the hashtag gives victims another option if they want to reach out for help.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence one in two women and one in five men have been victims of sexual violence other than rape. Many of those instances occur with intimate partners.

"That's what I see most frequently is the acquaintance," said Babb. "Everybody always talks about 'stranger danger' and I'm not saying that strangers don't assault but it's less likely."

Babb herself is a survivor of sexual abuse. She said part of the healing process is knowing you are in control of how you cope and that everyone handles it differently.

"I think it's important that anyone who wants to speak out does and that they feel that it's their choice," said Babb.

Babb said to help stop sexual assault it's important to teach kids the importance of consent at an early age.

If you are a victim of sexual assault and would like to talk to someone you can reach out to the Women's Resource Center.

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