As Gaylord strikes down new state marijuana laws, dispensaries shift focus


Medical marijuana facilities are no longer able to operate in Gaylord, after the city council voted to opt out of the state's laws Monday night.

At one point, there were nine dispensaries doing business in the area. Most of them have since gone out of business.

One of them, All Well Natural Health, has decided to move forward selling a different product.

The shop is using its equipment to grow organic produce and hemp products.

"All Well is extremely disappointed that they chose not to participate in providing safe access for such a healing product, but we're not surprised at all," said Veronica James, who owns All Well Natural Health. "That's why All Well has remained open, we wanted to help provide information and education on other alternative health products that they can turn to since they don't have safe access."

"It's an ever-changing environment," said Gaylord City Manager Joe Duff. "So, I think this story is going to be ongoing throughout all of our communities in the state of Michigan."

Medical marijuana caregivers can still operate in Gaylord by selling to their patients only.

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