Athletesâ?? strength tested in 2nd annual King of the Mountain

Athletes of all levels tested their strength today at the 2nd annual King of the Mountain race.

Athletes of all levels tested their strength today at the 2nd annual King of the Mountain race.

The event attracted nearly 200 athletes Saturday afternoon. It's a military style obstacle course, designed and built by soldiers.

â??It was a lot of work, it takes a lot of time that went into building the obstacle course to be done in like an hour, but that's kind of how things go,â?? said 1st Sergeant Tim McQueer of the 182nd Transportation Company. â??But it was a good experience and it was good for my soldiers, got us out in the community doing something so it was good.â??

Both â??lone warriorsâ?? and â??recon teamsâ?? completed in the race which looped around 5 kilometers of Mt. Holiday.

â??I've been talking to all of the people that cross this line this afternoon and they said â??it pushed me to my limit and that's what, I want to be pushed to my limitâ??,â?? said race director Matt Myers.

And even though a lot of obstacles were built for the course, the toughest obstacles were the natural ones.

â??The toughest element about this course is the hills,â?? said Myers. â??It's up-and-down, the obstacles are kind of a break for these people.â??

Even the champions say it was tough.

â??Itâ??s a lot of going to the limit and then recovering, going to the limit then recovering kind of the whole race so you have to manage that,â?? said Keegan Myers, lone warrior champion.

Being on a team had its own challenges, they could only move on once everyone completed the obstacle.

â??We all specialize in something different, we have strength, we have brains, we have speed, and then we just have me,â?? said David Scott, Team M22 Recon Team Champion.

â??it's one-of-a-kind there's not really that many team events so it's nice to have a weekend where you can just hang out with your buddies and do some course,â?? said Sean Kickbush, Team M22 Recon Team Champion.

And organizers say it's a great event, even if you're more comfortable on the sidelines.

â??You should see how stoked people are out here, they're so happy to watch people go through these obstacles, there's great points all along the race,â?? said Matt Myers.

The proceeds from the race will benefit both Mt. Holiday and the Grand Traverse Area Veterans Coalition.

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