Blades found in Halloween candy

Blades found in Halloween candy

Police in Manistee are dealing with something their chief says he's never seen in 40 plus years in law enforcement.

The day after Halloween, police were given a peanut butter cup with a small blade in it.

The next day, a second piece of candy was turned in, also with a small blade in it.

Police say it looks to be a blade from a small pencil sharpener.

The two blades were similar, although not exactly the same, leading investigators to believe they were placed in the candy intentionally and possibly by the same person.

Even then, this case will take backseat to other ongoing investigations.

"We've got a different epidemic here in town with heroin, methamphetamine, and breaking-and-enterings," says Chief David Bachman, Director of Public Safety for the City of Manistee. "They are our top shelf. So this doesn't rate high enough to shift any extra resources to it. I've got one detective. He's working hard trying to arrest people for home invasions. It's just a really SOB behavior to put razor blades in kids' candy. Can you imagine a three year old kid or an infant grabbing that and slicing their lip open or their tongue or their gums. It's just a rotten, you've got to be a rotten SOB to do this."

Police say both pieces of candy were likely given out in Manistee's Maxwell Town, near the corner of Ninth and High streets.

They encourage anyone who visited that area on Saturday to carefully inspect their candy and bring anything suspicious to the police station.

Chief Bachman says while they have a general idea of where the candy came from, pinpointing a specific house is unlikely.

He says solving the case may depend on someone turning in the person responsible for the blades.

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