Burger King fan's trip for breakfast ends in an unbelievable "to go" order

Joe Otte has a morning ritual. It involves a short drive from his home to the Burger King restaurant in Chum's Corner. Joe says “every day, me and the guys eat there pretty much every day." And every day, when he leaves, he leaves with pretty much one thing, his food. But on a recent trip to his local Home of the Whopper, he left with a whole lot more than just a breakfast sandwich.

Joe says "I drove in there for breakfast one day and seen some booths outside with some scrap metal, I stopped in there and asked if they wanted to get rid of it, he said take what you want." Joe's Burger King is in the middle of a remodel, so they are getting all new lights, chairs, booths, and trash cans. So they told Joe, while he was ordering his breakfast, you can have the old ones. Joe says "I thought he was pulling my leg because the booths were still all in place. He said we're just going to throw it away."

Joe grabbed his guys and in a matter of day was able to load up almost everything you can imagine was inside the dining room, and hauled it to his home. In a trailer, and a couple of sheds at his place, you could find almost enough stuff to set up your own Burger King. He explains, "I think I have probably 40 or 50 lights, every booth that was in the restaurant, probably 40, kitchen chairs, a little bit of everything."

Joe figures someone may have a use for all this stuff. Maybe someone is opening up a restaurant or perhaps someone has a really special connection to Burger King and may just want a booth. With that in mind, Joe's going to try and re-purpose or resell it all. He has his own auction company, Joe's Auctions, and will be having one this Sunday at 11 am at Chrissy's Farm and Fleet in Grawn. He's thinking someone out there may be just as happy to have all his Burger King stuff as he was on that day, when he stopped for breakfast and walked out with a bonanza.

To contact Joe, you click here.

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