Busy snowmobile trails expected for New Year's Eve weekend

The Wellston Winter Trail Groomers clear nearly 67 miles of trails.

MANISTEE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- With so many people back in northern Michigan for the holidays and fresh snow on the ground, the snowmobiles trails are expected to be busy this weekend.

“We’re staying in Cadillac, we thought we’d get some hours in for riding she’s home from college so we thought we’d hit the trails, it’s snowing now so it should be fun,” said one snowmobiler on the trail with his daughter Friday afternoon.

But it’s the men and women responsible for preparing the trails that make the fun possible.

John Semler is a trail groomer in Manistee County and is part of the Wellston Winter Trails and Promotions Club.

Semler and other groomers spend anywhere from 5 to 10 hours each day preparing trails for riders. He said this weekend could see more traffic than the last several years.

“We saw a bunch of snow mobilers out on the trails when we were out grooming the trails for about five hours this morning,” Semler said.

The Wellston Winter Trail Groomers clear nearly 67 miles of trails.

"Hopefully we get enough snow so we can continue grooming so we can get a couple new folks in [the group],” Semler said.

All of the club members of the Wellston Winter Trails are volunteers.

Law enforcement will also be out on snowmobiles this weekend.

They encourage people hitting the trails to make sure your permits are up to date, wear protective layers, and take a phone with you in case of emergencies.

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