Cadillac Vikings head to Detroit to march in Thanksgiving parade

Cadillac Vikings head to Detroit to march in Thanksgiving parade

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people tune in to watch the broadcast of America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit.

There will be floats, giant character balloons, and this year the Cadillac High School Marching Band!

Ninety-two students will be taking part this year.

This is the third time the Vikings have had the chance to be in the parade. They also took part in 2012 and 2015.

"It's a really big deal," said Band Director Mike Filkins.

The parade is three miles long and the students will be playing practically non-stop for one hour.

It's something they say they've been preparing for, for months.

"We've been drilling our music, our marching, we've been working out," said Drum Major, Darby Garland. "A little bit over an hour of just continuous playing and marching, so have to get in shape for that."

Just 12 marching bands made the cut for the parade.

"We submit video of our work as a marching band and we submit photographs of our uniforms, give them basically a resume of things the band has done and then we wait for about three months," Filkins said.

The band headed down to Detroit Wednesday afternoon.

They'll need to be up for breakfast at 4:30 Thursday morning, and on site before the parade just prior to 7:00 am.

Even though they won't be stepping off to march until 9:00 am!

While it's a long day with a long drive back up north, students say the whole experience is well worth the trip.

"When you're going through the crowd mover and there's all those people and you know you're being broadcast live and millions of people are able to see it it's just like a "wow" type of factor," Garland said.

You can watch the parade live on ABC 29 and 8 starting at 9:00 a.m.

The Cadillac Marching Band is expected to make a TV appearance at 10:25 a.m.

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