Flu cases on the rise in Northern Michigan

Cases of Flu on the Rise in Northern Michigan

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- It’s that time of year, flu season.

States across the country are seeing high numbers of flu cases and the CDC says this is the worst season they have seen in years.

But has the flu peaked in northern Michigan?

“We’re in the early stages of peaking in Michigan, Michigan was a little behind some of the other states,” said Dr. Peter Springsteen at The Walk-In Clinic in Traverse City.

Doctor Springsteen at The Walk-In Clinic in Traverse City says people are starting to come in early with flu-like symptoms.

“When you have the flu more often you're going to have a fever, more often you're going to have a headache and you're going to have that body aches, chills and sweats,” said Dr. Springsteen.

Over at Munson Medical Center, doctors say people are coming in seeking treatment for the flu.

“It's very clear that the national trend of increase and influenza cases reached our region,” said Dr. Salah Qutaishat, Munson Medical Center Infection Preventionist. “My crystal ball says in a couple weeks we are going to peek. Chances are we are going to see more because of what is happening on the national level.”

If you are around people with those flu symptoms or you are starting to feel them yourself, doctors say you need to get the flu shot and seek treatment early.

“The vaccine is one of the major weapons that we have against influenza. It's never too late to get the vaccine. never ever,” said Dr. Qutaishat. “But there are simple things that we can all do if you have a respiratory illness: stay away from others, if you cough or sneeze cover your mouth, hand washing is key to preventing transmission.”

People can find the flu shot at The Walk-In Clinic and at local pharmacies like CVS.

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