Centre Ice fundraising for upgrades to keep Red Wings camps in Traverse City

Centre Ice fundraising for upgrades to keep Red Wings camps in Traverse City

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- For 20 years, Traverse City has been Hockeytown North, hosting the Detroit Red Wings for prospect and training camps each year.

But in order to keep it that way, an NHL mandate is requiring upgrades on the rinks at Centre Ice Arena.

It's going to cost more than 200-thousand dollars to upgrade the two rinks at Centre Ice, while they've already received some donations, Monday they kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise the remaining $110,000 they need by the first week of June.

“They love it,” said Centre Ice Executive Director, Terry Marchand. “They love coming here and they love Traverse City and this is their home.”

Each September, the Detroit Red Wings make Traverse City home for training camp.

But an NHL mandate means Centre Ice has to spend $220,000 to update their facility.

“That was one of the first things that we asked them,” said Marchand. “You know if we're going to spend this kind of money we need a commitment from you guys.”

The Red Wings committed to another five years in Traverse City, so now it's time to get to work.

Centre Ice is asking for your help to raise the rest of the money needed.

“Centre Ice is a community and Traverse City backs us so much so we appreciate the community that we’re in,” said Centre Ice Marketing Director Tricia Frey.

The yearly events bring in thousands of spectators, and a big economic boost to the area.

That’s why Traverse City Tourism made a contribution to their campaign.

“So it's very important from a business standpoint to keep the hotels full, the restaurants full, the golf courses running and at maximum capacity,” said Traverse City Tourism CEO Trevor Tkach. “All of that is affected by having this Red Wings camp and prospect camp in Traverse City.”

The improvements include new acrylic instead of tempered glass and new netting for spectator safety, which will benefit more than just the pro hockey team.

“Centre Ice will be one of a handful of private use rinks in the United States with this kind of safety standard,” said Frey. “It's very beneficial for everyone that comes through these doors.”

You can donate to the campaign on Centre Ice's website, by clicking here.

That will be open until June 2nd, which is around the time they're scheduled to complete all the upgrades.

You can also help by going to an open skate fundraiser at Centre Ice Sunday, April 29th.

It's five dollars a person or 20 dollars max for a family, it includes skate rental and lunch.

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