Cheboygan community lending a hand to the Coast Guard

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    Like other federal workers, Coast Guard members don't know when they will get paid again. That is why the Cheboygan community is leading a helping hand.

    Tomorrow, many businesses are contributing to the "Dressdown for the Shutdown" event.

    For five dollars, employees can wear casual attire to work.

    All proceeds will go to the Coast Guard families in need.

    With everyone trying to help, the Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce has been in the middle trying to lead people to where they can help.

    “There were several individuals around the community that just started to ask the question “what if and how can we help?” then from the very grassroots a group started to come together," Said Scott Herceg, Executive Director at Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce. "The Chamber of Commerce started hosting them here under our roof, but it was the community calibration from several different entities.

    Other businesses are doing a little extra to help.

    Awakon Federal Credit Union is one of them.

    Awakon is allowing all military members a no interest payroll replacement loan.

    “We don’t really know when our government will be up and running at this point and how that effects our local government employees and contract workers really puts a question mark on when they are going to be paid," said Jessica Richards, Vice President of Lending at Awakon Federal Credit Union. "When they will be financially stable again and that is when Awakon Federal Union can come in to pay and work as a partner with our members.”

    With all this happening, the families of the Coast Guard are taking notice.

    “As a family and as a coast guard community, it is so humbling and so touching just to have the community to come around us and support us at certain times and we are all away from home. Said Sarah Campbell, wife of Coast Guard member. "Nobody is originally from Cheboygan so to be away from home and have the community come around you is really touching.”

    If you are interested in helping, you can contact the Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce by calling (231) 627-7183.

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