Coast Guard starts St. Marys River ice breaking operation ahead of 2018 shipping season

The Morro Bay will be assisting the ice breaking in the St. Marys River as the Coast Guard prepares for the 2018 shipping season.

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- The U.S. Coast Guard is preparing for the 2018 shipping season by breaking the ice in the lower St. Marys River.

So far, icebreaking activity was mainly focused in the lower river, south of Munuscong (Mud) Lake.

Starting Friday, March 16, the Coast Guard will extend their icebreaking activity into the southern half of the West Neebish Channel, working from Mud Lake Junction Light north to Saw Mill Point.

The West Neebish Channel is scheduled to be opened in its entirety on Saturday, March 24.

The Soo Locks are scheduled to open for the season on Sunday, March 25.

The Coast Guard said they will be working with the Eastern Upper Peninsula Transit Authority to make sure the Neeebish Island Ferry is able to operate throughout the break out process.

Recreational users of the ice are reminded to use caution when near the ice and to stay away from charted navigation areas.

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