Colder later in the week


Tonight there will be some patches of drizzle and fog. Drivers should look out for damp roads and visibility could slow down traffic. Low temperatures around northern Michigan will be 25 to 32 degrees. Winds expected to be 5-15 mph.

Tuesday will bring patches of fog and drizzle but some sun will appear through the clouds, as well. Highs will be 35 to 45 degrees. Winds expected to be 5-15 mph.

Tuesday night we're looking for some showers. It will be chilly with temperatures in the 30s but it looks like rain showers. Wind will gust over 20 mph maybe even higher along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

On Wednesday there will be widespread morning showers for a few hours. In the afternoon there will be scattered rain with some breaks in the clouds so some of us will see some sunshine. Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 38 to 48 degrees. Winds will gust to 25 mph.

Thursday will be partly sunny and chilly. Temperatures will be 28 to 38 degrees.

On Friday and Saturday make sure to look for cloudy skies and a mix of rain and snow showers. High temperatures mostly in the 32 to 42 degree range.

Temperatures will drop a little bit on Sunday with temperatures being between 24 to 25 degrees. We will not see much rain but instead there will be mostly snow showers with the colder temperatures.

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