Conservation officers keep hunters in check on opening day

Conservation officers keep hunters in check on opening day

CHEBOYGAN COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- Thousands of hunters in northern Michigan took to the woods Wednesday, and right there with them were conservation officers, making sure it was a safe opening day.

It's on dirt roads that cut through state land where conservation officer Tim Rosochacki does most of his patrols during deer hunting season.

He only came across one buck on Wednesday morning, and made sure the hunters had the proper tag on it before moving on.

“We’re just checking, making sure everybody’s being safe out there, following the rules," Rosochacki said. "We’re all about making sure everybody’s on the same playing field.”

Earlier in the week, Rosochacki noticed a blind that had too much bait out, had some branches broken and there was no name on it.

After speaking with the owner on Wednesday, he left him with a warning.

“In the grand scheme of things, they’re all really small things that are violations, Rosochacki said. "It’s not something that I necessarily write a ticket on all the time. Education really goes a long way. A lot of people don’t realize those small things are in the hunter’s digest for them to look at.”

The next blind he checked was illegally built, since you're not supposed to cut down any live vegetation on state land or nail together any man-made structure.

Whoever build it wasn't around on Wednesday morning.

“So we’re just going to chat with this guy about this, Rosochacki said. "We’re going to have him take it down, but I guess it will be here for another day.”

After Rosochacki checked out a few more hunters, we spoke to a couple who said it had been a slow hunting day.

“Not today, but where we hunt we know there’s deer," said Greg Cabose, a hunter who came up from Charlotte, Michigan.

“Just not very many shots at all so who knows, said Scott Long, another hunter from Lansing. "The weather’s probably keeping the deer down.”

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