Controversial LuLu app lets women rate former boyfriends

Women use hash tags to rate men on everything from their looks to their love lives.

You've probably never heard of the social networking site Lulu but most likely, you're a part of it.

The Brazilian app started out as a way for women to separate the good guys from the bad ones.

Women use hash tags to rate their male facebook friends on everything from their looks to their sense of humor to their love life.

"Lulu is an app to empower women to go out and talk to other women about if this man is a good person to date," NMC Communications Instructor Kristy McDonald said. "That can be good and bad."

If you're a guy on facebook, chances are you have a Lulu profile and you don't even know it.

7&4 News showed the app to a group of students at Northwestern Michigan College.

"It has good intentions because a lot of times girls will start talking to a guy blind, and that guy may not be the best," NMC student William Bennet said. "So it might be good to have some insight."

However, some worry the reviews will damage their reputation or the reputations of those they love.

"That just makes me want to delete it," student Andrew Collier said. "I want to know who is saying it because it can go farther than just one person, everyone can see this."

"I don't want my friends or family, my fiance, anyone being offended or hurt," Kodi VanLente said. "It's just ridiculous women have the ability to attack a man like that."

It became a problem in Brazil. In December, a law student sued the app when he found out he got a bad rating.

Eventually, the app was banned and changes were made so men had to give their consent to be reviewed. Those changes were never made in the U.S.

According to Attorney Gerald Chefalo, Lulu isn't as anonymous as people might think.

"Someone could bring a lawsuit if they felt that they had been wrongfully reviewed on Lulu," Chefalo said. "When that file that lawsuit, they will be able to require Lulu to provide the information of the individual who gave that review."

Chefalo said people should more concerned with the personal information Lulu gets from its users.

"If you look through the terms of use, they do acknowledge they can do certain things with that private information."

As Lulu walks the line between freedom of speech and slander, McDonald tells her students to use caution.

"Social media is a great tool, but if your relationships are built on that, and you're trusting everything that comes from that, it's gone too far."


- Go to

-Scroll to bottom of page and click "Remove My LuLu Profile"

There is also a petition to shut Lulu down:

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