Cooler, windy


You'll feel the dramatic drop in temperatures today. We've already felt our high for the 24 hour calendar day...that was at midnight this morning. Before noon most of the temperatures around northern Michigan will fall into the 40s...and stay in the 40s all afternoon. Mostly cloudy sky. Scattered rain is expected, but the heavy rain and the thunderstorms are passed us. The wind from the southwest will gust to 30+ mph thru the day.

Tonight...mostly cloudy...some scattered showers. Most of these showers will be rain, but in the Upper Peninsula a little snow could be mixed with the rain. Lows 32 to 40 degrees. Wind from the west will gust to 30 mph...but slowly start to decrease.

Friday will be mostly cloudy. The wind from the west will be 5-15 mph. Highs 40-48 degrees. Friday evening for high school football games...mostly cloudy, light wind, temperatures around 40 degrees.

Saturday we get sunshine...a few passing clouds. Nice looking day, but chilly. Highs 42 to 50 degrees around northern Michigan.

Sunday...more chilly temperatures with highs back into the 42 to 50 degree range. Plus, there will be scattered showers. Most of it rain, but in higher elevations...early and late in the day...and in the U.P...places where it will be a little could see some snow..

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