Court denies motion by man challenging Family Fare liquor license in Boyne City

Court denies motion against Family Fare liquor license in Boyne City

CHARLEVOIX COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- You might remember the man who climbed a ladder and painted over the sign at the Family Fare in Boyne City, to make it read "Family Un-Fare."

That was Mike Long, the owner of Par-T-Pac, a liquor store a few blocks away.

He was protesting the Family Fare's liquor license.

That stunt landed him in jail, but he also filed a lawsuit claiming Family Fare's liquor license was unlawful since Boyne City had already met its quota of liquor licenses for its population, and that it took business away from his store, reducing the value of his liquor license.

The case made its way to the State of Michigan Court of Appeals.

Last November, the court denied Long's motion and published an opinion on the case saying the "plaintiff does not have a property right to be free from increased competition and he cannot state a claim for inverse condemnation based on the assertion that the LCC took part of his market share by allowing increased competition."

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