Cranberry Cup Regatta celebrates 30 years on Round Lake

Cranberry Cup Regatta celebrates 30 years on Round Lake

CHARLEVOIX COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Sailors across northern Michigan headed to round lake on Sunday for the 30th Cranberry Cup Regatta.

Tom Barnes, a lifelong sailor, said the Cranberry Cup has been a tradition in Charlevoix since 1987.

"It's called the cranberry cup because usually, it's the Sunday following Thanksgiving and this year we had to delay that by a week because we had high winds on Thanksgiving Sunday," Barnes said.

Sailors gear up every winter to extend the sailing season a few weeks and win the title of Cranberry Cup Champion.

Last year, Barnes won that title.

"It's the glory in the cranberry cup," Barnes said. "The fall series ends October 15th and we think that that's way too early to end sailing. So back in '87 there was a couple of guys here who said why don't we just move it to Round Lake. All of the docks are opened up and we could have free space to put the boats in."

Even Tom's daughter Lexie Barnes and sailing friend Stan Carol look forward to the Regatta each winter, hoping they can win the cranberry-filled cup of victory.

"Yes, I'm very excited. The cup is legendary whoever wins that holds it and has it for of course a year and gets to live with the glory of having that," Carol said.

Lexie said, " I'm happy to be able to be able to sail with my family and my dad. It's a big thing in our family definitely. Cranberry Cup has always been a big deal and weather permitting it's always an interesting time."

Tom said while the competition is fierce it's always a friendly competition with the sailing community.

"I don't think that there's any question about it," Tom said. "The comradery out here, the competition in the heat of the battle, yeah it's all very exciting."

The Cranberry Cup marks the end of the winter sailing series. Sailing starts back up in June for the Spring series.

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