Crews remind people about importance of keeping roofs clear of snow

Crews remind people about importance of keeping roofs clear of snow

The ground is covered with white almost everywhere you turn in northern Michigan.

But crews are also working to clear the snow a little higher up.

AMO Outdoor Services and Great Lakes Exterior Construction services have been working around the clock since Saturday's storm.

"All of our accounts are sitting really good right now and people are happy with what we've been able to provide them with service," said Adam Orth, of AMO Outdoor Services.

Now that most roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots have been cleaned up, they will soon be adding in roof clearing.

"Over the months, the snow turns to ice and then it continues to back up on the roof and when it warms up it has nowhere to drain so it tends to lead," Joseph Gagnon of Great Lakes Exterior Construction Services said.

Both companies say they've already started receiving calls for the service.

"The way that snow sits up on the roofs and the decks it will start damaging some foundations if it's an older building, along with sometimes cracking drywall," Orth said.

He says it's necessary to look into having your roof cleared when the snow reaches around two feet deep.

Otherwise you could be dealing with the costs to repair damages.

"Luckily this snow is real fluffy so it's now as heavy as what a wet snow would be, but what will happen is if it warms up the snow will start condensing down and it will look like you don't have a lot up there but you really do," Orth said.

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