Dangerous conditions on the Great Lakes today

Hazardous conditions expected on the Great Lakes as gusty northwest winds Tuesday lead to high waves and rip currents.

A cold front rolled across Northern Michigan early Tuesday bringing a few thunderstorms but also cooler/drier weather.

Beneficial rain also fell with a few places such as Traverse City where a quick 1.13" of rain came down early Tuesday morning pushing July's total to 2.24". In fact, in just over an hour, Traverse City picked up 45% of all the rain that has fallen since the beginning of June. Cadillac and Houghton Lake also got in on the rain.

Concerns Tuesday revolve around gusty northwest winds which are leading to hazardous conditions on the Great Lakes, more specifically Lake Michigan and also Lake Superior including Whitefish and Little as well as Grand Traverse Bays. Winds will ramp up Tuesday afternoon increasing to 20 with gusts as high as 35 mph. That will lead to high waves along with an increased risk for rip currents. If you plan on swimming or being out on the Great Lakes be aware of your swimming ability and keep a watchful eye on younger children. If ever caught in rip current which is a narrow channel of water pushing away from shore, the natural instinct is to swim towards shore. However, in a rip current you will quickly tire and make little if any progress. The best advice if getting pushed offshore in a rip current is to swim parallel to the shore to get out of the fast moving current and into an area where you can make it back onshore.

Gusty winds will diminish Tuesday night with cool temperatures. Many spots fall back into the 40's.

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