Deputies investigating disturbing post shared by East Middle School student

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GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a disturbing post was shared by an East Middle School student.

While deputies say the post itself did not threaten anyone specifically, they did find it very disturbing and vulgar in nature, which is why they say it was important to investigate.

Deputies were alerted to it around 6:30 Tuesday morning, and since that is just before school begins, decided to send patrol cars to the school to ensure the staff and students' safety.

Once they arrived, they made contact with two 13-year-old boys involved in the post which was originally a conversation between the two on Instagram, but then sent to several students on Snapchat.

One of those students who received the snapchat showed their parents, who then called the sheriff's office.

“Each and every time that we get information about something like this we go to the end of the investigation on every one of them,” said Undersheriff Nate Alger. “We take it very seriously, we work very well with TCAPS and the school administrators make sure that the staff at each individual school is safe.”

Deputies do not believe there is any threat to anyone at this time.

The undersheriff says they are still investigating and working to determine why the conversation between the two boys occurred and why it was shared.

Once it's complete, the undersheriff says they will be sending their investigation results to the prosecutor for review.

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