Dry today, but there is some rain in the forecast

Photo Courtesy: Gina Marzean/Alpena

Northern Michigan is in store for another sunny, mild day. Wednesday afternoon temperature highs will range from 78 to 83 degrees in the Upper Peninsula and from 78 to 86 degrees in the Lower Peninsula. Wind will come mainly from the north at about 5-15 mph. The humidity will be in the comfortable zone, call it moderate, but most of us won't notice it today.

Tonight will be mostly clear with just a few passing clouds. A light and variable wind will make an appearance. Temperature lows will be 58-62 in the U.P and 50-65 in the Lower. It will be a little more humid tonight than Tuesday night.

Thursday is when we get some sunshine but clouds will start to roll in. Before the day is over a few scattered showers and thunderstorms will appear on the radar and the humidity will be rising. The wind turns to the south 5-15 mph, with some gusts to 20 mph. Temperature highs are expected to be 76 to 82 in the U.P and 80-88 in the Lower.

Thursday night and Friday will be humid, and there will be passing showers and thunderstorms. Thursday night will mostly be in the 60s. Temperature highs on Friday will be 78 to 88 degrees around northern Michigan.

Saturday and Sunday will be partly sunny and humid. It will get hot, too. Temperatures highs 82 to 92 and in the afternoon heat some showers and thunderstorms could pop up around the state..

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