Extreme cold leads to mandatory water runs

The Village of Roscommon and the City of Cheboygan have issued a mandatory water run to keep water lines from freezing.

Frigid temperatures could cause issues for northern Michigan residents and their homes.

Here is a list of areas for mandatory water runs:

*Rogers City



*City of Grayling


*Village of Beulah

*Village of Roscommon

*City of Cheboygan

*Evart is under a recommendation of a water run but bills will not be adjusted at this time.

"All village customers should let a pencil-sized stream of water run continuously in their homes and businesses," according to a press release from the Village of Roscommon. "Water bills will be adjusted so customers will not be charged for additional water use."

For more information contact the Roscommon Village Hall at (989) 275-5743.

â??If you do not run your water, you are likely going to experience frozen water lines and NO water service,â?? according to a press release from the City of Cheboygan. "Be aware that even when there are warmer temperatures, you must continue to run your water. The sun and warmer temperatures will drive the frost even deeper."

If you are in the Cheboygan, the city will notify you when you can turn off your water. Questions? Call (231) 627-9931.

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