Father sends "Distant Hugs" for Princess Lacey's family

The owner of the Distant Hugs company plans to send his condolences to Lacey Holsworth's family by scarf.

The little girl affectionately known as "Princess Lacey" captured the heart of the nation during March Madness as an extreme MSU fan. When Lacey Holsworth passed away from cancer, one northern Michigan businessman decided to send his condolences in the form of a distant hug.

Kenny Pheasant started Distant Hugs as a way to send love in the form of a scarf.

After Laceyâ??s death, Pheasant wanted to send her parents and Adreian Payne a hug.

â??A hug, a hug is universal,â?? said Kenny Pheasant, owner of Distant Hugs in Traverse City. â??Hopefully they'll feel our hugs, that they need. They all need hugs.â??

Pheasant followed Laceyâ??s story in the news.

â??I saw that MSU's basketball team took a liking to her and made her a little mascot. That was just so cool,â?? said Pheasant.

Lacey lost her two year battle with cancer,

â??We wanted to send this family scarves because we know what they're feeling, we know what they're going through. It's sad when you lose a child; it's hard,â?? explained Pheasant.

The Pheasants started selling Distant Hugs after their daughter Pamela passed away in 2012.

Now, theyâ??re sending fleece hugs to people out of arm's reach.

Pheasant said he's still grieving the loss of his daughter, and hopes the warmth of a scarf will help the Holsworth's through this hard time.

â??I'm never going to get over it, but me sharing my story with people is part of my healing,â?? said Pheasant.

The families should be getting their green and white scarves in the next few days.

â??It's more than a scarf. It means more.â??

The scarves are sold online, as well as at Diversions in downtown Traverse City, Big Boy, Mary's Gift Shop in the mall, and several casinos throughout northern Michigan.

A memorial is being held for Princess Lacey at the Breslin Center Thursday night. It starts at 6:30 and is open to the public. It's being organized by the Holsworth family as a celebration of her entire life.

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