Fiat Chrysler plans to open new assembly plant in Detroit

Fiat Chrysler plans to permanently close the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in suburban Detroit next month and convert it into office space. (Photo: MGN)

Fiat Chrysler has plans to open an assembly plant in Detroit to build a new version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to the Detroit News.

A source inside the company confirmed that Fiat’s plans to convert the Mack Avenue II plant, which was closed in 2012, to a full assembly line operation for a three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2021.

The news comes shortly after General Motors announced plans to cut the Detroit-Hamtramck plant by 2019. The closure is part of the company’s plan to cut 14,000 jobs in both the U.S. and Canada.

The Mack II plant has been internally referred to as ‘Plant X’ and the construction is expected 2019. To convert the former engine plant into an assembly line, at least a body and paint shop will be added.

It’s unclear how many jobs are expected to be added with the new plant.

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