Elmwood Township Fire Department installs smoke alarms into homes for free

Elmwood Township Fire Department and American Red Cross install smoke detectors.

LEELANAU COUNTY, Mi - The Elmwood Township Fire Department installed more than two dozen smoke alarms into homes on Saturday.

The Elmwood Township Fire Department partnered with the American Red Cross to take part in its home fire campaign.

The campaign has installed close to 10,000 smoke alarms in Michigan since July 2016.

The campaign’s mission is to cut fire related deaths down by 25% through checking and installing smoke alarms in people’s homes.

“You want to make sure to check your smoke alarms at least once a month,” said Elmwood Township firefighter, Landon VanderRoest. “Change the batteries at least once a year. But, if you're going to change the batteries only once a year, we recommend that you do in the fall right before winter. Batteries, we all know from other circumstances, that when batteries get cold they don't always work quite as well.”

The Elmwood Township Fire Department installed 42 smoke alarms on Saturday.

To have a smoke alarm checked or a new one installed for free, call the Elmwood Township Fire Department (231) 941-1647 or check with your local fire department.

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