Flint Mayor may sue State of Michigan over water distribution closure

Mayor Weaver discusses her meeting with Governor Rick Snyder about water distribution to residents. (Photo from Joel Feick)

(FLINT) Mayor Karen Weaver says Flint may sue the state over ending state-funded bottled water for city residents.

Weaver says the governor told her “to get over it”.

Governor Snyder's spokesman Anna Heaton released this statement.

The Mayor’s characterization of the meeting is not accurate. It was a good discussion about the city and state’s continued partnership, and an offer for economic development help, since the Mayor brought the city’s new economic development official with her to the meeting.
State taxpayers could have ceased funding the PODs last September, but after a request from the city the Governor opted to keep them open. Again in January it was considered to stop funding free bottled water, and again the Governor consented to allow them to remain open. They remained open a full seven months past when the state could have ceased funding them. This was done in order to help with the continued partnership with the city, and to foster trust with residents as the water quality continued to improve.

In a news conference, Weaver says she met with Governor Snyder for about 35 minutes this morning , trying to convince him to change his mind.

But that didn't happen and it appears there's new bad blood between the two.

The mayor fell short of calling the governor a liar, but said "he didn't keep his word".

Weaver says " don't talk to us like we're stupid, we know the law".

Earlier this month, the state cited test results showing lead levels in city water below federal standards.

As for now, the United Way, the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and Kroger supplied water for a distribution center at the Bethel United Methodist Church on Ballenger Highway. It will be open every Monday from 10-2 pm. On Tuesday it moves to Asbury UMC, then on Thursday to Greater Holy Temple COGIC.

People who waited in line today at Bethel Church were united in their feeling the state should pay for bottled water in Flint.

Flint resident Liz Lee says, " we need to get over it? The governor needs to get over it. This is his fault".

Weaver announced she intends to persue legal options against the State of Michigan over the end to the free bottled water program in the city. Weaver feels the water should be supplied at least until all the pipes have been replaced.

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