Flooding rain for some through Tuesday as wind/rain ramps up

Flooding rain for some through Tuesday as wind/rain ramps up Image: IG user @mr_mjbr

A FLOOD WATCH is in effect for all of our Lower Peninsula counties Monday through the first half of Tuesday with torrential rain on the way for some along with increasing wind.

A cold front lies just east of the area this Monday morning. That did drop temperatures and will lead to a cooler day today. We have multiple things going on that will impact our weather through Wednesday.

1.) Strengthening low pressure over Southern Indiana Monday morning will ride northward along that cold front into Lake Huron later tonight leading to an ongoing rain today for parts of the region through tomorrow.

2.) A separate low pressure system is approaching from the west

The latest thought process is that these two systems will merge into one or (phase) together late Monday night/Tursday which will provide for some heavier rain at times along with gusty winds.

Most of the area will end up with rain Monday although areas right near Lake Michigan and locations in the Eastern U.P. along/west of I-75 may see more spotty rain until this evening. The rest of the area will see continued rain (heavy at times) Monday with temperatures cooler (ranging from 52-59F). I don't expect winds to pick up much at least Monday until the evening.

Rain becomes more widespread late Monday night into Tuesday with gusty winds picking up as low pressure strengthens over the area. Rain could be heavy overnight into Tuesday morning.

Rain continues through Tuesday as low pressure will sit over Northern Michigan. A rainy/windy day for all of Northern Michigan. High temperatures will be in the low-50's.

With regard to how much rain will fall, there is a general consensus that a widespread 2-5" of rain will douse the area through Tuesday evening. A broad 2-3" is expected along/north of highway M-68 into the Eastern U.P. with 3-5" along/south of highway M-32. We certainly expect some rises on area creeks/streams/rivers and the possibility of some ponding of water on areas roads. If you have a rain gauge or notice any flooding and want to share that with us, let us know by emailing us the report at

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